Friday, March 03, 2006

Another one bites the dust..

Hardly into 2006, there has been 4 resignations from my department, most recently 2 which happened this morning. Great. B-E-A-UTIFUL. It's bad enough we are running low on man power, the department is getting pretty top heavy; ratio of management : kuli (that's me) is something like 2 : 1.5. Can you imagine how fscked up that is gonna be? Not to mention, you officially inherit the work of two other people, minus their pay since no replacements will be hired. My work now equates to something like this:-


This is ME.

My work officially sucks starting today. Not that it didn't suck yesterday, or the day before that.. but it now sucks harder due to the fact with two more gunned down, crappy work will most probably be diverted your way. It is inevitable, like how smiths in the Matrix turns everyone around him to smith. Even the oracle becomes smith. Fsck, even seti becomes smith. "Cookies need love, like everything else" my ass.

I am now pressured to look for greener pastures. Not by anyone, but myself. The way i see it, 4 years of hard work and dedication did not pay off for jack shit. Yea, so your appraisal looks great, but so does the hair between my buttcheeks. In an end-user organisation where everything is pro-operations, a good appraisal is as good as the hair between your buttcheeks, literally. Sadly, I feel the people who have pushed my once happy, cheerful, resourseful, dynamic and hardworking department into such chaos will only truly see the value of a strong IT team when there is no IT team. It is utter crap i tells yas. CRAP. MNC outlook with lowyatt style operations, tumbling down the rabbit hole... bad. really bad.

I decided, the time has come to make the change for myself. And so, i paid a visit to the ORACLE to foretell my future:-

Oracle, are you trying to tell me i'm screwed or i should be patient? Oracle...? ORACLE!!!!!

3 million job seekers vs. job opportunities you can count with your toes. Jeez, im not asking for a million dollar income man, it's reasonable wages!

I'm back from my trip to the Oracle, and i guess all i can do now besides waiting is to be more aggresive in my job hunt. Which, i already am.. Tonight while i cry myself to sleep, i'll pray extra harder that tomorrow, i'll get an email too good to be true i'll immediately ask my new employers, "where do i sign, boss?"

I was joking about the crying part. ;)

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