Monday, February 27, 2006

.B.I.O.N.I.C. presents.. CHEMICAL 06'

Im begining to wonder, what's gotten into my blog recently.. No tech talks, no free tools, no reviews on anything relevant to the technosphere, just music. Why? Ermm.. the only logical reason is because i can? It's my blog!! :) Okay... that's not it. The reason im doing this is to let you guys in on some of the really cool music that you may have heard about, maybe know a little, or are completely oblivious to it's very existence.
And why should you lack the knowledge of when our local dudes get the beat rockin down town? So maybe Tiesto, Pete Tong, and the likes of em' got their sponsors and advertising agency to market their gig. Well i'd like to let you know, local talents have theirs too, in the true form of 'Malaysia Boleh' where we use our mulut to pass on news to our friends, colleagues, aunts and uncles... oh and not to forget unleashing the true power of the blogosphere..

TechRawks presents.. (with no permission or written approval in anyway..)

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That's right folks! All the info you need in the brochure above. The dates are set, so polish up those kickers and loosen yer bodies for the event cause Nouvo is set to bring the house down when the champs spin!

You may have read or perhaps even downloaded some of DJ Droo's tracks from my previous post. If you haven't, click here to read more. If you like his tracks, well here's your chance to catch him in action live! Don't forget now, 6th May 2006.

On a seperate note: Do you upload an entire MP3 to your mobile, just to be able to hear the first 3 seconds of the song before you answer your phone? Pretty waste of space if the MP3 is sitting there purely as a ringtone huh? Why not trim it? Cut them buggers up and you'll have lotsa space for more tones... so you dont get sick of just the same boring crap.

The solution is MPTrim! the free, easy to use no hassle 200kb software that does just that. Clip away the parts you don't want and keep the parts you do and voila! true tones ready to be bluetoothed to your mobile.

Get it Here!::

A couple of my favourite tunes are available here:

Sophie Ellis Bextor's "Murder on the Dance Floor"

Aerosmith's "Pink".

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