Tuesday, January 24, 2006

-:Downloads:- DJ Nicholas Matar freakin' rawks!

A truly soulful house experience, and that's that. Nothing else better describe DJ Nicholas Matar's wicked tracks. I have the Journeys by DJ:Nicholas Matar: Latitude 40' album and every track from 1 to 16 keeps getting ya pumped for more. DJ Matar here is a native New Yorker but has been resident for super club Pacha on Ibiza for over 6 years. Enough said; you can always google his details if you're interested.. but right now, i'd like to present to you...

I'm only posting one track which is my personal fav.. Cool Affair [Eric Kupper Remix]. Download it, listen to it, and see if it gets you pumped. It's been WMAed for your listening pleasure. If you like it, then PLEASE go get the original. I am in no way pirating his music, but rather giving you a taste of his talent. If you like what you hear, then go buy the original and drag this file to the recycle bin once you're done with it. Help keep the music industry alive yo!

Yes! i want to download this track! : Cool Affair [Eric Kupper Remix].

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