Saturday, January 21, 2006

-:Downloads:- DJ Droo's never B4 heard tracks!

One of the best things about having a DJ for a friend is getting free samplings! Yessirree boys and girls, never before heard tracks from the main man himself, DJ Droo! You can check him out alongside other fantastic DJ's at DJ@WORK. The link's on the side of this page.. but just incase you missed it.. ohhh okay.. here's where you gotta go:-

A little bit about DJ Droo before we get to the juicy downloads shall we?

"DJ@Work's Droo was 1st Runner Up & Reader's Choice at JUICE's DJ Quest 2004. The road to success for DJ Droo started years ago, pioneering house at Bar Savanh. Although currently playing at KL's biggest club, Droo has been drafted this year to play for several prestigious fashion launches - including the Guess Outlet Launch and Mini Cooper presents Looque / Elite Models Launch Party, and at the Follie Follie Watch Launch Party. Droo continues to expand his outreach of sexy house music through DJ@Work."
Dipetik dari :)

And now... for the two tracks you have been waiting for... **drum-roll**

Track 1#

Gimme the night :-

Track 2#

Switch It :-

Now nothing beats grooving to DJ's spin live, so bookmark DJ@WORK and check out their events update regularly. You wouldn't wanna miss out on anything now would ya? ;) Oh and by the way, if you like Droo's mixes, drop me a comment and i'll get more tracks from him for your listening pleasure.




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