Tuesday, January 24, 2006

-:Downloads:- DJ Nicholas Matar freakin' rawks!

A truly soulful house experience, and that's that. Nothing else better describe DJ Nicholas Matar's wicked tracks. I have the Journeys by DJ:Nicholas Matar: Latitude 40' album and every track from 1 to 16 keeps getting ya pumped for more. DJ Matar here is a native New Yorker but has been resident for super club Pacha on Ibiza for over 6 years. Enough said; you can always google his details if you're interested.. but right now, i'd like to present to you...

I'm only posting one track which is my personal fav.. Cool Affair [Eric Kupper Remix]. Download it, listen to it, and see if it gets you pumped. It's been WMAed for your listening pleasure. If you like it, then PLEASE go get the original. I am in no way pirating his music, but rather giving you a taste of his talent. If you like what you hear, then go buy the original and drag this file to the recycle bin once you're done with it. Help keep the music industry alive yo!

Yes! i want to download this track! : Cool Affair [Eric Kupper Remix].

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

-:Downloads:- DJ Droo's never B4 heard tracks!

One of the best things about having a DJ for a friend is getting free samplings! Yessirree boys and girls, never before heard tracks from the main man himself, DJ Droo! You can check him out alongside other fantastic DJ's at DJ@WORK. The link's on the side of this page.. but just incase you missed it.. ohhh okay.. here's where you gotta go:-

A little bit about DJ Droo before we get to the juicy downloads shall we?

"DJ@Work's Droo was 1st Runner Up & Reader's Choice at JUICE's DJ Quest 2004. The road to success for DJ Droo started years ago, pioneering house at Bar Savanh. Although currently playing at KL's biggest club, Droo has been drafted this year to play for several prestigious fashion launches - including the Guess Outlet Launch and Mini Cooper presents Looque / Elite Models Launch Party, and at the Follie Follie Watch Launch Party. Droo continues to expand his outreach of sexy house music through DJ@Work."
Dipetik dari http://djatwork.us :)

And now... for the two tracks you have been waiting for... **drum-roll**

Track 1#

Gimme the night :- http://savefile.com/files/5123041

Track 2#

Switch It :- http://www.savefile.com/files/1230419

Now nothing beats grooving to DJ's spin live, so bookmark DJ@WORK and check out their events update regularly. You wouldn't wanna miss out on anything now would ya? ;) Oh and by the way, if you like Droo's mixes, drop me a comment and i'll get more tracks from him for your listening pleasure.



Sunday, January 15, 2006

Error Nuker: Blowing the crap outta errors.

Ah Windows registry.. the framework that tells your OS how to behave.. Many a cool tweaks can be done using regedit, provided you do it right. By now you should know that many a ichy fingers can lead to your OS crashing too, if parameters in the registry aren't set correctly. Sometimes, when you install and uninstall lots and lots of crapola' software, you tend to leave many a registry keys orphaned too.. that may, or may not lead to complications later on.. Anyhow, it's always good practice to house keep your registry.. after you do proper backup that is..

So how do you actually housekeep your registry without screwing your OS? Why, use free tools of course! And one particular free software i find pretty handy is Error Nuker, "it blows the crap outta your registry!". Get it here!

Using Error Nuker is easier then baking a pie. Not that i've ever baked a pie in my life, but okay.. moving on. After installation, error nuker sits on your system tray ready to detect registry problems for ya without costing you a dime. It's tweakable so don't worry about resources. if you dont want it start then turn it off period. Then interface is pretty easy to use too. Just start it up, hit the scan button and voila'!! errors detected. Check it out:

Momma.. can i have error-nuker for christmas, puh-leaseee?

The scan probably takes about 5-10 minutes, after which you get to just hit one magic button to make all your pain go away...

Pretty neat huh? Especially since you ain't paying jack for it. Check it out and see if it helps out your registry woes..

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tweaking XP:: Lesson #5 Crashed Programs

Lets hear it. who loves to get that damn " Program has encountered an unrecoverable error" which subsequently asks you to click the Send button, so Microsoft can immediately send technical support to your door steps before you can say 'What the F*ck just happened to my PC???!!!'?

Oh, I'm sorry.. my bad. Microsoft doesn't do that. Ya big deal. you encountered a program crash. It's not something that Microsoft takes pride in fixing, no? ;) In most cases, tough buns. Just restart your PC if you have too, or just re-launch the application and start using it again, pretending it never cost you your day's worth of document typing. By now, if you're a seasoned PC user, you'd know better then to not save your work every 20 seconds which crunching numbers or preparing that ever so important document for your boss.

But seriously, that program error thingy-ma-jingy is really a pain in the ass! Look. i know it crashed, and i've dealed with it. It's not un-common but can you please stop bothering me with that darn message? NO i do not want to send anything to Microsoft. I don't want to tell them that their software boils my blood and makes me want to shit bricks sometimes despite the fact I paid good money to get the orriginal licensed copy.. -- Just leave me alone!

Lucky for us, Microsoft to some extent do allow us to customise registry settings so we can skip the bullshit and get back to work. So ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, i present to you today's registry tweak:


Very simple, really:

  1. Go to START >> RUN >> REGEDIT.
  2. Under HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\PCHealth\ErrorReporting (HKLM by the way stands for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)
  3. Edit this Value: "DoReport"
  4. Set the value to '0' to disable the error report prompt.

At the same time, some programs just got that habit of going into 'Not Responding' mode cause you didn't bake him enough cookies in the morning... Kinda like a form of program retaliation. Sometimes, it gets really annoying to have to go to end task and kill the damn process. So, if you really wanna make life easier, just use this tweak.
  1. Go to START >> RUN >> REGEDIT.
  2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  3. Change the registry value REG_SZ >> AutoEndTasks to value 1.

There! Doesn't that make using Windows a whole lot better? ;) Cherios!


Monday, January 02, 2006

Where do you draw the line?

IT, End Users, IT, End Users. Lets see.. if you work in an end user environment, where your job scope is predominantly influenced by the business of your organization, I'll bet my last dollar that some where along the way you have at least encountered a situation where by you were required to drill down to the business operations to help out, from an "IT Perspective", even though your employment letter states you are required to perform your duties within the IT scope. So where exactly do you draw the line on "IT Scope"?

Lets see:- You are involved in a new project, implementing a software that will help your manufacturing plant perform better, operationally. Yes, you will most probably be required to drill down to operations to understand the process, the business flow and yada yada. This is most beneficial as with better understanding of your business process, you will be able to implement the project more efficiently.

But sometimes, you the IT personnel finds yourself being saconded for a work that goes beyond your scope. Yeah, take a good hard look at your employment letter. See that little clause that states that the "Company at any time, has the right to transfer you within the group of companies as deemed fit"? Did you ponder over this before you signed the dotted line? Hmm...

So lets just say, your company suddenly decides to send you on a point of no return mission, to clean up the mess made by the business people itself. What do you do? say 'YES' cause the company is in a middle of a crisis and they need all the help they can get? or say 'NO' cause you didn't just pay 10 grand to get your CCNA to be seconded to do manual paper work filling in a warehouse in some god forsaken island?

Unless the company belongs to your dad, my opinion is to say NO. You have to draw the line some where right? It's okay if you're involved in the debacle from an IT Standpoint, not if you're doing it just cause no one else wants to take the fall for the mess, that in no way has anything to do with IT. Let's put it this way; MS Excel wasn't made for IT Geeks. It was made to make the life of everyday business people easier. If you were employed to ensure your critical business systems and network runs flawlessly, then stick to that; cause at the end of the day, no one is gonna help you out when your servers crash or services fail, cause you were too busy counting carton boxes in your store to "help out" your company, when you have about 50 other idle people sitting duck, just because management says IT personnels can do a better job. (At counting boxes? hmm...)

Do you all agree?