Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tweaking XP:: Lesson #4 Get rid of em' balloons!

You know, there's nothing i hate more than that damn XP balloons that pop up every 5 minutes telling ya that something's up with your PC. yeah yeah, informative i know.. but it's information i don't need when im doing my work! If i wanted to know something, then i'd look for it. I don't need you telling me that my desktop needs cleaning up okay! Or that i am 'connected' at 100Mbps. I'm always connected at 100Mbps everyday man, so telling me that isn't gonna make we feel that you've just unleash a wealth of information to me!

Okay, okay.. credit needs to be given where deserved, and yes sometimes it's good to know what's up with your PC, but not every-single-waking-hour when your PC is up and running right?? GEEZ! Personnally, i think it's just a waste of resource, balloons and all. If i wanted to see balloons so much i'd go get it from an ugly looking clown at the circus. And besides, it's not humurous information like this:

Thank god, XP allows us to tweak this. All you gotta do is:

RUN> Regedit



Add a DWORD Value and name it 'EnableBalloonTips' and give it the value '0'.

This should stop those pesky balloons from popping up. And if you get lonely and want XP to return to it's caring state off notifying you for every darn thing that happens, then remove the value you keyed in. Cherios!



Blogger shawnchin said...

Nice... always wondered how to burst those damn baloons.


12:46 AM  
Blogger TechTalks said...

Frankly speaking dude, i wished i had a virtual pin. =p

11:00 PM  

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