Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Terminal Server burns my nuts

LITERALLY. And it caused me to miss 1/2 day of my critical Oracle Fine Tuning training!! Frankly, I'm all for Windows technology even though sometimes their solution may cost a bomb but yesterday, My Windows Server 2003 running Citrix played a bloody cruel joke on me. Terminal Service expired on me, even though i have close to 100 licensed CALs installed! WTF!!

MS really got to lighten up on the licensing man.. Have you ever tried activating or reactivating your windows CAL? It's a freaking pain in the ass if you ask me! Anything i install for oracle doesn't ask me for freakin' serial number. But when it comes to windows... you need open license number, authorization number, activate over the net, key in MORE serial numbers and finally, calling ol' Bill himself for the final 1,200 character long, alphanumeric serial unlock. Okay im just kidding on the last part. But the actual process is pain-staking enough!

And don't get me started on Citrix. Can't the damn thing work the way it should?? I have it running on state of the art hardware yet, it never fails to kick me in the nuts everytime i don't have time to play with it!! The whole fact that it can't run without Terminal Service, The moment it expires, fails, what ever (When it really shouldn't!!).. Citrix falls like a sack of bricks from a 10 storey building. And for the same sad fact, after you finally get terminal service to work again, Citrix won't bloody innitiate! *ArrrGGggGGggghhhHHHHhhh*

Question of the day :: IS Citrix really worth running in an enterprise deployment?

Every white paper you read, they tell you the same crap:

  1. Mobility. Applications can be deployed and run from virtually anywhere in the world just from a few clicks of the browser.
  2. Better access management.
  3. Better control of users.
  5. Quick deployment.

What they forgot to mention was::

  1. Rigid.
  2. Not platform independent.
  3. Buggy.
  4. Resource hogger.
  5. works like crap over VPN. (But then again, everything works like crap over VPN).
  6. EXPENSIVE. Bad enough you gotta buy Citrix license, you gotta buy Windows and Terminal Service CAL as well!

Okay okay, so maybe every software has it's pros and cons, and i can't deny that Citrix does make deployment of software easier but today, i feel like ranting about it cause it pissed me off and wasted all of my time for nothing! Maybe if it works better next week. I'll boast about how good it really is. yeah, right...


How Drunk can you really get during and after a Wedding Dinner?

A special congratulations to my good friends Roger, Koma, Ah Liew and 'Lau Pan' on tying the knot this month. You guys are gonna make great husbands and fathers.


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