Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Can end users adapt to change?

The question that all tech support can never run from. Can users adapt to change? Are they willing to change their routine work with anything regards to the puter for the benefit of the company? Will they think or feel their doing too much for the company and not being paid enough with the change at hand? - Frankly speaking, as the implementer, you really couldn't give a rat's ass what they feel, but sometimes, their comments can really dig into your skin, or even make you roll over laughing your head off.

Well i recently had the pleassure of assisting in the implementation of one, will not be named (for security purpose) proxy server for my organization. Everything was going as planned, setup completed successfully, roll out was error-less, and policies were well defined.. right up to the end-user implementation phase; and this happened to be one painful change the users weren't ready to accept. You see, right up till today internet surfing for those who were given the privilege had no boundaries, no monitoring and they could do everything a homeuser could do on the net. From yahoo! to MSN Messenger, just name it.

SO.. my first encounter today with one particular user was a retaliation most bitter. After briefing the user (USER01) on the new restricted access, User01 proceeded to bitch and bitch and bitch about why free surfing was needed. Lots of research needed to be performed and how without it, life as we know it will end. OKAY... i got your point. Tell it to judge! Your boss didn't give us the green light to upgrade your access to unrestricted okay?? Jeez, don't go throwing your tantrum at me cause i'm just doing my job!! Like i really get the pleassure out of banning you from the net? Puh-leaseee. (Although i must admit, controlling user access sure as hell saves the company hellava lot of bandwidth!!) You should see the crap users download every single day!!.. It's not to say they give a crap about the important business applications that run on the same network right? They just keep downloading, and downloading, and wasting all that bandwidth until one day, the important application hits a bottleneck, THEN They start to complain.. Yeah, thanks dude.. like you didn't contribute to the mess you made..

On the other hand, i encountered one particular user (USER02) which raised a question which made me nearly fall of my seat. The conversation went something like this..

USER02 : Hello, Hello!
Me : Hello, what's the matter?
USER02 : Eh, just now ah.. you all people install what on my pc ah??
Me : Oh, that's the new proxy access.. you have to log in before you can use the internet.
USER02 : Ya... i know! i alredi change password! but i cannot access internet!!!
Me : Can i know what site you're trying to access?
USER02 : fodee, fodee fodee lahhhh!! why cannot access?? something wrong isit?!?!
Me : fodee? What do you mean fodee? Our records show you are only allowed to access sites related to your work. If you mean why you can't surf to other sites, that's because you do not have the privilege to do so.
USER02 : Yaaa..... what ever lahhh.. now i ask u why i canot go fodee!!
Me : fodee?!? (I was really blur..) What is that??
USER02 : Aiyoh you ahh..... Kuda, TOTO, MAGNUM Lahhh!!! Why cannot access???

(Slight pause...)

Bloodyshit. This guy trying to look at horse race results online.. he meant 4D!!!

Me : (Refrain from laughing my ass off) Ohhhh.... you mean 4D is it... haiiihhh.. where can access that site?? You wanna see result go kedai lah.!!
USER02 : What go kedai.. why you all like that one?? Every morning i come work i check 4d now how to check 4d?! If kena how?

(Thinking to myself.. KNN, kena you no need to work lah! become king and live of your 4d lahh!)

Me : Sorry la. But access for you is restricted to business related sites. If you wanna check 4D, you send request to my boss for approval ok? (Sure will go through one, my boss sure give users like you access to 4D and while we're at it, we'll give you access to porn too!)
USER02 : Lidddatttt ahhh..... haihhh. Nevermind lah.. what to do, cannot check 4D anymore.. Eh, Sure ah cannot check 4D anymore?
Me : Yes... I'm very sure you cannot access 4D anymore.
USER02 : Then nevermind lah.. i check somewhere else lah. bye. *click*(hang up phone)

The shit we put up with everytime something new is implemented. I'm pretty much convinced, IT systems can only be implemented efficiently in an organization where bosses iron fist end users. In reality, most companies treat IT as the cost centre, without realising the potential of it being a profit centre, or at least a value added service to customers. Businesses today should be driven by IT, not being led by outdated methodology and mindset which died out with the dinosaurs. With all this said, IT policies and procedures will save any organization a significant, quantifiable amount of time and investment not to mention, the improvement of resource efficiency.

I guess, these things take time to adapt. Rome wasn't built in a day. End Users will never learn the value of bandwidth overnight. In some ways, i do feel sorry for USER02. I mean, all he wanted was to check his 4D..... So as consolation, User02.. i hope you DO read on your free and busy time.. (Although this isn't an approved site on the proxy..), i present to you, today's Magnum Results.

I sincerely hope, you blew your life savings on the number 4894. Then you can buy your own IT department, set up your own proxy, and allow only you, access to FODEE!!



Blogger cancelthisacct said...

Yeh, what's wrong with giving free internet access. They are growing working adults. I'm sure they know what's right & what's not. How do employee expand their knowledge horizon if they have limited access to the information super highway?

6:27 PM  
Blogger TechTalks said...

Sad to say, majority of the users don't know how to seperate work from fun. Unrestricted access has rendered many-a-users useless at work, seriously. They end up spending more time on messenger and still manage to clock out at 5pm. Work needless to say gets done half-assed, or not done at all. Until the bosses start yelling..
The proxy sure got all of them in check, and that's why their squirming.. Oh well, at least we're saving the company money by streamlining bandwidth? ;)

12:52 AM  

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