Thursday, December 01, 2005

And Symantec gave life, in the form of Livestate

I haven't had the chance to blog much recently, partly because the whole of last week was a pretty busy week, so is this week... Had a wedding to attend last week, this week, next week and in two weeks!! Oh, Im on training this week too and Im down with fever and yet, still so much to do! crap, crap, crap.. Nothing i hate more then falling sick. Makes me feel so damn unproductive. How i wished they had anti-virus scans in the form of tablets. Just pop one of em' buggers in and after a good 1 hour scan, your body is free from any sickness.. Fevers and all, begone! Ya, a far fetched idea and in fact, an idea only a geek is capable of conjuring.. Go figure.

Annyywwayy.... speaking of anti-virus, the makers of one of the most widely used Anti-virus systems in the world SYMANTEC recently acquired Veritas Corporation. In my opinion, the merger really edges for consumers. Not only has Symantec began incorporating all their key products into Veritas Backup Exec, but licensing scheme has changed to the advantage of us corporate users. Check this out:

  1. Symantec Backup Exec 10d bundles 10 free Symantec Client Security with every purchase.
  2. IDR (Intelligent Disaster Recovery) now comes unlimited for all servers with just one license purchase for your media server. Before the merger, you had to buy 1 IDR license per server and it costs something like RM2000++ !!
I attended Symantec's launch of Backup Exec 10d last week at Sheraton Imperial KL, and it was there the most cost/implementation effective Bare Metal Recovery solution was revealed to me..


Okay, maybe it's not that cost effective but we are talking about bare metal recovery here...

You can read more about it here

Livestate is sort of like your cross between Symantec Ghost and Veritas IDR. Backing up an entire system literally takes minutes to complete. The same goes for recovery. Just pop the recovery CD in, recover either from your SATA disk or Tape Drive and before you know it, your system is back to pre-disaster state.

Now what's really cool about this piece of software is it's ability to perform bare metal recovery on virtually any box. It doesn't have to be the same configuration as the box that crashed. Like if you had your system running on a dell machine and it blows, you can just as easily recover your entire system on an IBM machine.. even if you have different RAID implementation, recovery can still be performed. Pretty good if you have a mission critical server to bring up if you have SLA with end users on uptime.

I would seriously recommend Livestate if you can afford it, but if not using IDR with your Backup Exec is just as good. The only limitation is recovery works best only on the same config machine.

Neway, symantec is paying me for boasting their solution, but they did give away free Backup Exec 10d Softwares with Continuous Protection Server during the seminar! ;)

-: Im such a geek sometimes :-

Next topic, Oracle 9i Database tuning TIPS! or maybe i'll blog about this new software im about to evaluate.. "Tune-up", or maybe more tweaking tips on XP.. See how first la. ;)

Oh btw, feel free to ask me anything you need to know on Backup Exec.. Just drop me a comment.



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