Monday, November 21, 2005

Tweaking XP:: Lesson #1

Ever felt you don't have enough control over your PC? Or rather, not enough control over your Windows EXPEE? Out of the box, your OS pretty much is just an OS; a platform for your to run your applications for your to do your daily crappola's like documents, spreadsheets, image editing, programming, yada yada yada...

Well it's time to change that, cause if you do a quick google, you can actually find a million and one tools on the net to tweak your XP. In fact, gaining more control over your OS will improve performance, step up security and even remove unnecessary applications that come built in with windows, example Windows Messenger.. especially if the PC you're setting up is for your office, and messenger-ing withing the LAN is a big no-no.

Besides that, tweaking your XP is sort of like modifying your wheels. A set of 18" rims here, a HKS inter-cooler there, maybe a 4-2-1 extractor here, a Super SQV there.. haha.. Okay, so tuning your OS is nothing like your car, for a fact it doesn't cost you an arm and leg to perform the former... Anyway not to digress.. Today's lesson in tweaking or rather easier "accessibility" of applications..

Lesson 1#: How to access applications faster

If you guys are falling asleep reading till here, thanks alot guys. Please visit this site instead. Oh, you're still here? gee thanks. :) Moving on..

To make applications accessible at a click of a button, try doing this to see if it helps make your life easier, instead of searching the high heavens on your desktop for an icon.

  1. Create a new folder anywhere on your drive and give it a name, something like crazyfrog or biteme.
  2. Place all the shortcuts you need like your email, Toad, photoshop, AcDSee, etc into the folder.
  3. Right-Click on the windows taskbar and select "toolbars" and "New toolbar".
  4. Point to the folder you created earlier and Voila! Everything you need is in a super-duper customised toolbar! =)

Pretty simple right? To simple to even be worthy of a post? i know people who think the CD-ROM Tray is a cup folder ;0

Next up, We take a look at PC Booster: How to speed up your PC!! That'll probably be in my next post. Right now, I'm late for futsal! Time to kick some ass! *>(


Blogger EngLee said...

You might want to use your original quick launch bar? No?

12:31 AM  
Blogger TechTalks said...

Hmm.. True true, After all you can drag n' drop additional icons onto the quich launch if you want..
But If you wanna setup multiple custom quick launches for what ever reason, you can create the folders =)
Thanks for the comment!

1:13 AM  
Blogger shawnchin said...

I seem to find keyboard shortcuts faster than hunting for icons with a mouse.

There are several ways to set up keyboard shortcuts:
* create desktop shortcuts then assign shortcut key
* 3rd party launchers

If you don't have too many frequently used app, can just use the Start menu method.

Add a folder in the menu that starts with a unique character - say "xPress" - then put shortcuts in there, and make sure they start with unique character (might involve renaming shortcuts).

To launch.. type [win]-x-?-[enter]
eg: I used to have
* [win]-x-f : firefox
* [win]-x-w : winamp
* [win]-x-p : putty
* [win]-x-c : cmd
* [win]-x-s : custom admin console made using "mmc". Means i no need to go poking around ControlPanel->AdministrationTools

Takes a while getting used to, but it worked quite nicely for me.

4:22 AM  
Blogger TechTalks said...

Thanks for the insight Shawn!
Keyboard shortcuts are actually easier to get going, especially when the poking about you need to do with a mouse takes you from one edge of the desktop to the other and back. =p
Short cut keys kick ass!

7:39 PM  

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