Sunday, November 13, 2005

HDD Life Pro.. It's time to let your hard disk talk!

For the last couple of weeks, i've been doing nothing but format, reformat, and reformat PC's Laptops and servers. Ok the server part was work related.. Yeah, a freakin' IBM x366 baby! that slim piece of equipment really kicks ass! But i had a couple of other personal equipment to tend too, both encountering the same blasted problem. OS CORRUPTION.

That basically drives any techi up the wall. Not because reinstalling is difficult, what with today's OS wizards.. anyone can reinstall an OS. The problem that get's your panties in a bunch is wondering; did the harddisk developed bad sectors? or is it just purely a system file crash, to name a few of the many errors a distressed PC can play on you. Yeah so you run the wizard... installation goes well, your OS is up... you install all your other applications... your freewares.. your thisware.. thatware.. and on the third restart, you're back to square one. "But i formatted my PC"!! "But i ran diagnostics in BIOS to confirm the state of my Hard disk!!" Tough buns baby.. If the hard disk is screwed, it's screwed. Deal with it. And yes, i dealt with it. I came to terms with the fact that my hard disk had lived it's life and has gotten a one way ticket to peripheral's heaven...

I guess it's all wear and tear. But to some extent, we should be able to identify the state of our harddisk to know just about when it's good to go. And so i stumbled upon this neat little tool. HDD LIFE PRO, HELL YEAH!

Like they say, prevention is better than cure. For the full 411, click this URL and check out the blah's blah's blah's of the production boasting itself:

I've got it running on my PC right now and i ain't complaining! Anyone out there know of a better tool? do let me know! i'd be happy to evaluate =)


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