Monday, March 20, 2006

This is what i call proper cabling!

Im really wide awake right now. That's what you get for sleeping till 5:30 in the evening! The result of my oversleeping is not because i partied all night long till wee hours in the morning, i mean it's F1 weekend here in Malaysia and every corner downtown is having an event of some sort. Nope. no party for me, unless spending the whole of saturday from 8:30 am - 5:00am the next day in the office is a party.. (not in this lifetime it's not!!)

Anyway, the reason i was there for nearly 24 hours was due to the fact my server room was a mess. Yes, every administrator's nightmare. When you can't tell which network cable goes to which server, and which client is connected where.. and your equipment rack looks like 300 packs of instant noodles all cooked in a mighty big pot.. yeap, houston, we have a problem.

Crappy D-Link Switch. Yuck!

An insult to the IBM x366 Server to sit in a rack that looks like this.

First of all, me and my colleagues had to check and confirm the patch panels were labeled correctly, comparing each port to the face plate on the users desk. Thank god, i had a set of the handy Motorola T5320 Walkie-Talkie with me, courtesy of Vgin and Howe. My drift buddies use em' when they go racing and man do they come in handy! Beats running to the phone every two minutes to confirm the cables are correct, labels correct, etc.... no?

Once that was done, we had to start clearing out the unused equipment and cables like the motorola routers and modems that were build back in the days Kopi-O costs only 20 sen. At one point, we had to lift the raised flooring and man, the junk we found under there was disasterous. AS400 Twinax cables that could be used for mountain climbing!! Huge, bulky, heavy and dusty. and a whole lot of em' too!

Who wants some maggi mee, anyone?

We had to down the whole organisation's network to get the work done, needless to say but the results were fruitful. From what used to be a children's playground full of mazes and shit like that, now looks top notch data centre class. I Like. Yes, yes, i'm a geek for that. Sue me.

Is this neat or is this neat?

Floor clean enough to eat off.

No more playing hide and seek behind here!

Waterfall cabling.. the way it should be... Bye bye 10BaseT hubs, hello Gigabit Switch!

Million thanks 2xdizzy, for all your help. Thanks boss!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I haven't sat for an exam in almost 5 years..

Since college, seriously. And im rusty as hell. Im gonna sit for my first Oracle OCP paper (Exam 1Z0-007: Introduction to Oracle9i SQL) in a couple of weeks and i'm no where near prepared. Maybe it's just the "worried" part of my brain talking.. Shit, i've been reading up and doing sample exam papers nearly everyday till 2 in the morning. I have to ace this paper.. can not fail.... muuussssttt succceeeddd... muuusttt geeettt certified for beeettterr job opportunities.. (That's a struggling me talking, in case you're wondering what the hell's with the draggy words).

Im taking a breather from reading. Hence, this entry. Right now all this don't make sense to me at all..

I am LOST. Any OCP's out there willing to help? Pleassseee hellpp!! Exam tips, free TEST-KING papers, any oracle eBooks, better yet, if you have anything from OSBOURNE PRESS...
Please drop me a comment if you have any tips...... or if you can mail me any documents and papers.. even better.. i need all the test exam papers i can get. TooLlLloOoOooggggGGg!!
Back to my books. must study study study study study!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

"OMG!! Not another Sex Scandal?!?" :- Explained..

This post is a result of one person having too much free time on a saturday evening, and ofcourse, when you have something like Intervideo WinDVD Creator installed on your laptop and a stupid barney clip, i guess the rest is history? Anyway, the reason why i put the clip up for download was to see, what kind of traffic would be generated with such a scandalous post and better yet, a value add clip for your view pleasure? Obviously, those who have viewed it would know by now it was nothing more than a sham and from some of the comments i've viewed, it was nothing more than a cheap trick to earn brownie points. Sorry folks, you got the latter wrong. In fact, all i really wanted to do was to find out this :-

Click image to view the stats clearer..

I'm pretty sure i'm not the first daft prick to use sexual explicit (fake, i should add) material to lure audience to a website, nor will i be the last. But what i see here is just unbelievable! I mean, minutes into pinging my first entry, there were already 65 downloads worldwide!

Will you just take a look at this. First screenshot:: Download link to hear DJ Nicholar Matar doing an Eric Kupper Remix..

Yup, 6 lousy downloads since posting one month ago.

173 downloads in less than a day! Every loves that huggable purple dino.

In conclusion, i've learnt that blogging about anything other than sex or something controversial enough to raise eyebrows is a fvcking waste of time. NO body gives a flying dutchmen's ass what you have to say about what you had for lunch, dinner or breakfast unless maybe a couple of handful of friends. or your pet dog. or perhaps, your spouse.

I would also like to sincerely apologize to all the statistics who gotten out the kleenex and hand cream only to find barney and his friends rapping to 2pac. I'm sure you'll find other means. No hard feelings k?

Oh and before i walk out into the sunset, leaving behind my 30 seconds of fame (seriously, i'll probably never get traffic to my site like this ever again! hehe) , i'd just like to add that many of you out there really don't have a freaking sense of humour! GEEZ! come on man, it's not like you spent 3 days downloading the clip only to see it was a dud right? lighten up man.... if it did really offend you in anyway.........

Saturday, March 04, 2006

OMG!! Not another Sex Scandal?!?

It's bad enough you read about it in the papers that some poor soul lost her handphone and the idiot who stole it finds some home made vids in it and distributes it across the net.. and now this?!?! A little closer to home, a guy of a guy of a guy i know who works downtown at a puter shop finds this movie clip hidden somewhere in the HDD of one of his customers.

Apparently, the customer complained that his PC just won't boot and brought it in for repair. Turned out, the power supply blew and once that was replaced this guy did some standard OS diagnostics and health check. By Accident (or so it seems), he finds a home made of this chick he apparently have seen hanging out around where he works!!!

Can you Fncking believe that?!?!



This shit has been circulated around, for a couple of days now and i just got it in my mailbox. I really pitty these people who get 'caught in the act' digitally. I mean come on, how many Paris Hilton do we need?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Another one bites the dust..

Hardly into 2006, there has been 4 resignations from my department, most recently 2 which happened this morning. Great. B-E-A-UTIFUL. It's bad enough we are running low on man power, the department is getting pretty top heavy; ratio of management : kuli (that's me) is something like 2 : 1.5. Can you imagine how fscked up that is gonna be? Not to mention, you officially inherit the work of two other people, minus their pay since no replacements will be hired. My work now equates to something like this:-


This is ME.

My work officially sucks starting today. Not that it didn't suck yesterday, or the day before that.. but it now sucks harder due to the fact with two more gunned down, crappy work will most probably be diverted your way. It is inevitable, like how smiths in the Matrix turns everyone around him to smith. Even the oracle becomes smith. Fsck, even seti becomes smith. "Cookies need love, like everything else" my ass.

I am now pressured to look for greener pastures. Not by anyone, but myself. The way i see it, 4 years of hard work and dedication did not pay off for jack shit. Yea, so your appraisal looks great, but so does the hair between my buttcheeks. In an end-user organisation where everything is pro-operations, a good appraisal is as good as the hair between your buttcheeks, literally. Sadly, I feel the people who have pushed my once happy, cheerful, resourseful, dynamic and hardworking department into such chaos will only truly see the value of a strong IT team when there is no IT team. It is utter crap i tells yas. CRAP. MNC outlook with lowyatt style operations, tumbling down the rabbit hole... bad. really bad.

I decided, the time has come to make the change for myself. And so, i paid a visit to the ORACLE to foretell my future:-

Oracle, are you trying to tell me i'm screwed or i should be patient? Oracle...? ORACLE!!!!!

3 million job seekers vs. job opportunities you can count with your toes. Jeez, im not asking for a million dollar income man, it's reasonable wages!

I'm back from my trip to the Oracle, and i guess all i can do now besides waiting is to be more aggresive in my job hunt. Which, i already am.. Tonight while i cry myself to sleep, i'll pray extra harder that tomorrow, i'll get an email too good to be true i'll immediately ask my new employers, "where do i sign, boss?"

I was joking about the crying part. ;)

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